Harnessing the Opportunities of Radioligand Therapies: Key Insights from SPARC-Europe's Event

The recent event organized by SPARC-Europe at the European Parliament brought together leading experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to delve into the world of radioligand therapies (RLTs). With a focus on infrastructure, education, and EU funding, this gathering shed light on the pressing issues…

Harnessing the Opportunities of Radioligand Therapies: Infrastructure and Education - A SPARC-Europe Event at the European Parliament

SPARC-Europe’s first in-person event at the European Parliament, hosted by MEP Geuking. The vent will focus on exploring how to build a sustainable health infrastructure for radioligand therapies and leverage EU funds for innovation and impact. As well as, discussing how to empower professionals and…

Preventable yet not prevented: spotlight on prostate cancer

SPARC-Europe fully welcomes the Commission’s proposal for a step-by-step approach to introducing new organised cancer testing in the European Union, as early and accurate diagnosis by strengthening evidence-based screening programmes are core elements of cancer care.

Launch of Investment Pathway Guide & Patient Testimonials

SPARC-Europe launches two materials developed to further raise awareness about the challenges related to the delivery of radioligand therapies: a video featuring testimonials of patients who underwent a radioligand therapy treatment and Investment Pathway Guide, which lays down the needs for…

Launch of SPARC-Europe position paper on improving access to radioligand therapies

SPARC-Europe launches its very first High-Level Position Paper on Radioligand Cancer Therapies. This publication is a comprehensive overview of the barriers to the accessibility of radioligand therapies and presents recommendations how to overcome them in the context of European policies.

SPARC-Europe Response to the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe

SPARC-Europe welcomed the Commission's intentions to modernise the way EU ensures access to medicines and review healthcare legislation.