SPARC-Europe Response to the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe

The Stakeholder Political Alliance on Radioligand Cancer Therapies welcomed the European Commission’s ambitions to modernise the way the European Union ensures access to medicines and strengthen innovation in healthcare.

In its response to the roadmap on the new Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, SPARC-Europe called on the Commission to consider: 

  • legislative and non-legislative initiatives on improving hospital infrastructure (including providing nuclear medicines waste facilities) and training standards across Europe to bridge the gap between innovation and patients;
  • particular activities to harmonise education and training standards across Europe for increasingly emerging healthcare sectors such as nuclear medicine specialists and all members of the multidisciplinary cancer team;
  • alignment with the SAMIRA Action Plan requested by the Council in its conclusions on non-power nuclear and radiological technologies and applications. Synergies in the area of cancer treatments (such as radioligand therapies) are needed to avoid duplication of work.

Please find below our response to the roadmap. 

SPARC-Europe input to the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe