Stakeholder Political Alliance for Radioligand Cancer Therapies

is a European policy initiative, launched in October 2020, aiming to build a comprehensive policy framework for radioligand therapies. The mission of the group is to provide expert knowledge and the necessary guidance for policymakers to support them in the creation of clear pathway to institutionalise radioligand therapies and increase its accessibility for patients.

The overarching objective of the group is to work together with its Patron policymakers towards accommodating European innovation and changing the outcomes for cancer patients.

Mission & Objectives

Profile the topic of radioligand therapies and other forms of radiotheranostics, such as selective internal radiation therapies, radionuclide therapy and radioimmunotherapy on the EU institutions’ agenda

Provide input in policy debates on the needs of healthcare systems to welcome innovative cancer therapies

Demonstrate the expertise and provide expert knowledge to support decision- and policymakers in strengthening European cancer care, ensuring a unified guidance for accommodating radioligand therapies throughout Europe

Provide patient voice on radioligand therapies, to inform and educate experts and policymakers on improving treatment outcomes

Engage with relevant policy-makers and EU institutions with the aim to overcome existing geographical variations in access to radioligand therapies

Provide input to ongoing European legislative files and debates

Provide guidance in European education and training programmes for healthcare professionals in the field of radioligand therapies and other forms of radiotheranostics

Provide first-hand expertise to EU policymakers on scientific developments in the field of radioligand therapies