Patient testimonies

Patient testimonies video

Alongside challenges related to hospital infrastructural gaps, patient education, awareness and understanding of the treatment remain one of the main barriers towards RLT acceptance.

To raise awareness within the patient community as well as awareness of policymakers about the benefits of radioligand therapies and inform them about the challenges RLT patients face, SPARC-Europe developed a Patient Testimonies Video.

The video was created in collaboration with patient organisations International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance and features the testimonials of three neuroendocrine neoplasms patients: Tom from Ireland, Blanca from Spain and Luc from Belgium).

Watch the video and learn about the patient stories that touch upon

  1. diagnosis and treatment pathway;
  2. their experience with radioligand therapies;
  3. the future of radioligand treatments for NEN patients.

The patient testimony reflects each patient’s concern about their disease, while also seizing their hopes for the treatment and the tremendous benefits obtained in accessing the therapy.