SPARC-Europe launch event

On 28 October 2020, the Stakeholder Political Alliance for Radioligand Cancer Therapies (SPARC-Europe) was officially launched.

The launch of this Alliance brought together policymakers, experts in the field of nuclear medicines and oncology and patient representatives. The discussions elaborated on challenges that prevent radioligand therapies from being accessible to patients, and how to overcome these in the context of ongoing debates on EU policies, namely the Beating Cancer Plan, Pharmaceutical Strategy, SAMIRA Action Plan and the Horizon Europe programme.

The obstacles facing radioligand therapies’ accessibility and availability are many. From discrepancies and inequalities in terms of hospital infrastructure between regions and between European Union Member States, to the lack of education and training standards throughout Europe.

During the event, SPARC-Europe members announced the development of their very first high-level position paper. Experts decided to create a document to highlight the barriers and provide specific recommendations for policymakers on how to overcome them in the context of the European policies. 

Please find the event report here. To learn more about the high-level position paper, please refer to the Publications section.